nothing rhymes with mr. orange

the conversations josh and i have crack me up. which works out awesome since we’re planning on spending quite a lot of time together in the future.

last night, we were watching tv and one of those new pepsi commercials came on with mariah carey on it. josh has been on a rebel billionaire kick lately, and has been regaling me with stories of richard branson’s private island with it’s outdoor bathrooms and all kinds of other ra-sha-sha amenities. so when this commercial comes on, he mentions how mariah carey was staying there during the taping of the show he was watching about said island.

and then he tells me that if he were richard branson, he’d totally be making out with mariah carey.

i ask him if i could be there, too, and he’s all yeah dude it’ll be hot. so i ask can i make out with tim roth?

and he pauses.

“who’s tim roth?” he asks.

“you know, the bellboy from four rooms,” i answer.

and we both just start laughing hysterically, because shit i have weird taste in hot actors.

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Steph Calvert is the work at home mom, graphic and web designer, and illustrator behind Hearts and Laserbeams. Her work has been seen worldwide on apparel, in print, and online. She’s been writing the Hearts and Laserbeams blog for over 10 years, and is a contributor for Read More.
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