Friday Game: What’s Worse Than This?

Funny poop pictures. You want one? I got one:


Feast your eyes on the above funny poop picture – it’s autobiographical for sure.

This morning, I was getting ready for work as we all do from time to time. I went to put on my shoes, and realized I had stepped in dog doo yesterday morning. Meaning I walked all over my house yesterday with dog crap on the bottom of my shoe.


Ew, ew, ew.

Totally gross!

But my epic fail can be your Friday funny! Let’s make a game out of this. What’s worse than walking around with dog poop on your shoe for an entire day before discovering it? Leave a comment below. It’s all about one-up-manship today, folks. (Is that a word?) If someone already commented on what’s worse than dog messes being tracked through the house, you gotta top what the person above you wrote. The question I just asked myself: how bad can this get? Is this an awful idea, an offensive mess just waiting to happen?

Probably. But like I said – let’s let my epic fail be your epic Friday timewaster! Let’s play a game of What’s Grosser than Gross!

The best epically bad answer left in the comments by midnight on Wednesday, February 22 will win a special prize from Hearts and Laserbeams. Please note: we will only ship prizes to the continental U.S. (Postage is just way too spendy.)

(Coincidentally, Feb. 22 is the same day our giveaway ends on the Craftcation Conference blog. Click here to enter to win three free hours of graphic design services from Hearts and Laserbeams!)

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  1. What’s grosser than gross? The hairy butt cheese of the mythic animal used to make the McRib!

  2. What’s grosser than that? Serving said cheese up on a nice saltine cracker.

  3. Steph Calvert says:


  4. Steph Calvert says:

    Grosser than that? The saltine is stale.

  5. Waking up and wondering who’s in my mouth.

    (camping trip, I drifted off and Woke with a finger on my mouth)

    I do not like waking up and having to wonder who’s in my mouth.

  6. Steph Calvert says:

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA thank god it was a finger.

  7. Ashley @ It's Fitting says:

    Walking into my toddlers room to find that he has removed his diaper and is smearing poo all over his crib. It was in his hair, sheets, the crib and all of his stuffed animals that he was hugging like crazy. Forget all over the house… all over the baby is worse. Ew.

  8. Steph Calvert says:

    OH THE HUMANITY!!!!! Our son Phil enjoys a good nudist escapade here and there, but hasn’t gotten into finger painting with poop. Yet.

  9. Sitting on the toilet at a restaurant and seeing on the floor beneath you poop waste spewing up from the drain. And yes, my shoes are in it.

  10. Steph Calvert says:

    The big question is… do you still have those shoes?

  11. DaCraftyLady says:

    How about being at a night club, having a great time with friends, grab a side dish of breaded cheese, shrimp and zucchini and its old grease or something?? It causes you to immediately get the “runs” BADLY, you go to the restroom hurrily, RUNNING, and there is a line because there is only 1 toilet and before the its your turn…..YUP….you can’t hold it in… EMBARRASSING…to say the least…EWWWWWWWWW….down the leg and in the boots [luckily I had on cowboy boots] won’t gross you out anymore but it was not a pleasent experience….and I was sick with a bit of food poisoning for 3 days afterwards!!!! YUCK!!!!!

  12. Steph Calvert says:

    OMG. Yeah that’s pretty bad. Same question to you – do you still have those shoes?

  13. Steph Calvert says:

    Dear DaCraftyLady, you win! Last commenter standing! Please stay tuned, I’ll be emailing you for your mailing address. Happy weekending everyone!

  14. DaCraftyLady says:

    Thank you so much.. :) I received your cool package and love it!!! I am an avid reader so will enjoy the bookmark, and the note cards are “kuul” Thank you….

  15. DaCraftyLady says:

    and to answer the question on the shoes, NO WAY!!! They were thrown out… YUCK!!!

    • Steph Calvert says:

      AHAHAHHAHA Ok good!! I mean, dog poo on the bottom of a shoe is one thing. Yours kind of went through… Shall we say… a more than traumatizing experience. Puttin’ em out to pasture is the only answer.

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