Cleaning the Shower with Vinegar


Anyone with more than one kid will tell you… That second kid totally wreaks havoc on any and all routines you had in place before she got there. I’ll be honest. My house used to be lots cleaner. I’m still keeping us in clean underwear and breakfast dishes, but I’m lucky if I have a […]

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Latest Web Design Project – Dear Handmade Life Website

Web Design - Dear Handmade Life by Hearts and Laserbeams

We are so pumped to present our latest web design project! Nicole Stevenson and Delilah Snell have been clients of mine from the very beginning of my self employment, and I’ve built a bunch of websites for em – each just a little more involved than the last. The brand new Dear Handmade Life site […]

Fashion Trends – Spy Chic with Andrew Marc

Fashion Trends - Spy Chic with Andrew Marc | Hearts and Laserbeams

Andrew Marc sponsored this post, but I’m pretty sure you’ll agree he’s right on the money with the whole spy chic vibe. All opinions expressed are my own. I was talking to my husband Josh the other night about our TV watching habits. If you looked at our Netflix “Recently Watched” stream, (or if you’ve […]

Funny Memes to Celebrate Our New Site Maintenance Services!

Funny Memes to Celebrate our Maintenance Packages

This week marked the launch of our brand new site maintenance services, and I’m really excited to help people get their WordPress site backups in check! If you’re not doing any kind of maintenance on your site, I want you to seriously consider it. Sign up for one of our new maintenance packages by 7/31/14, […]