Yee-Haw! Rodeo at Ottowa Farms

Cowboy with American Flag at Ottowa Farms Rodeo - Hearts and Laserbeams

Last night, my buddy Jenn joined Phil, Joy and I for a country-fried adventure – we checked out the first ever rodeo at Ottowa Farms! Okay, it was their second ever rodeo. We didn’t make it to night one. It was awesome that an event like this was so close to home, and even better […]

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You Can Totally do SEO. Promise.

SEO for Small Business - Hearts and Laserbeams

The Savannah Chamber of Commerce is holding a digital marketing seminar series for its members over the next chunk of months, and I’m excited to share my notes with you! Sit back with a cup of coffee and read on for some thoughts on SEO (search engine optimization) and how you can make it work […]