Free Printables: Funny Valentines with Food Puns

Free Printables - Funny Valentines with Food Puns "Let's Give em Something to Taco 'Bout" illustration by Hearts and Laserbeams

This latest set of free printables is one of my favorites, ever. Like, EVER. I’ve been exploring techniques and pushing my art style in my sketchbook every day this month, and here’s what I’ve been discovering. It’s really easy to create vector cartoon characters in Illustrator. And it’s easy to get lost in the sea […]

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Easy Pasta Bake Recipe

Easy Pasta Bake Recipe food illustration by Hearts and Laserbeam

I tried out a really easy pasta bake recipe for dinner recently, and it’s one I’m absolutely keeping on hand for the future. We’ve had this kids’ recipe book for a while, and for the most part Phil is so picky he’s not into anything but peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or toddler food from […]

Motivation Monday – Pray to Catch the Bus Quote

Pray to Catch the Bus Inspirational Quote - Hearts and Laserbeams

This “pray to catch the bus” quote has been one of my all time faves for as long as I can remember… The funny thing is for the longest time I thought it was a Maya Angelou or Stephen King quote. Then my buddy Kim actually googled it for me and was like nope… Julia […]

Rose Drawing from Valentines Flowers

Rose Drawing of Some Valentines Flowers - Hearts and Laserbeams

This lovely bouquet was courtesy of the folks at The Bouqs. All opinions are my own. I told you I’ve been working on a sketchbook challenge this year. So far, I’ve been drawing whatever comes to mind as I sit on the couch unwinding at the end of the day. Lots of paisley patterns pour […]

Savannah Chamber of Commerce Digital Marketing Strategy Seminar Notes

Digital Marketing Strategy Notes - Hearts and Laserbeams

This was the last in the Savannah Chamber of Commerce digital marketing seminar series – I learned so much over the past few months! Make sure you check out the links at the bottom to read the notes from the other sessions. The most important considerations in digital marketing strategy The key is to not […]