Support Coastal Pet Rescue in the Huggies UltraHug Contest!

Our fur baby Betty White wants you to support Coastal Pet Rescue in Huggies' UltraHug Contest - Hearts and Laserbeams

Our dog Betty White is ridiculous. Partly because she’s black. And her name is White. That’s where the comedy of her name comes in. I shouldn’t have to point that out to you. But also, she’s a rescue dog. The huzz Josh and I, we have a sweet spot for rescue animals – he runs […]

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Robocop + Terminator = BFFs for Life

Terminator and Robocop - BFFs for Life | Hearts and Laserbeams

Tonight, I thought I was being all funny on Facebook, posting about tech stuff that starts with Sky, and Skynet, and how I didn’t have time for that Robocop crap. And then a friend of mine called me out on getting my robot movies mixed up. He was totally right. But, I told him, if […]

3 Ways to Save Water

Ways to Save Water - Save Water Drink Wine - Hearts and Laserbeams

Thanks so much to Influenster and Neutrogena for the free sample! All opinions expressed are my own. Earth Day is coming up on April 22, and if you’ve been wondering how you can celebrate, why not learn 3 ways to save water? You’ve come to the right place, because I’ve got three tips for saving […]

You’re Not My Best Friend Anymore

You're Not My Best Friend Anymore - Hearts and Laserbeams

We… have had our hands full lately, Josh and I. That is an understatement. Along with our crazy work schedules and ten acres of fixer-upper farm to contend with, there are two small children that we just can’t seem to stop taking care of. We just like them is all. That doesn’t always mean they’re […]