Our baby chicks are FIRED.


If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!I was going to put this up as a short little post on Instagram or Facebook, but the story is way too long to give it justice. Our baby chicks are SO fired. SO FIRED. We get home from church […]

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Funny Barbie Sports Illustrated Cover – But Why?

Funny Barbie on Sports Illustrated cover - Hearts and Laserbeams

I just can’t help myself, guys. I was telling my friend Nicole this morning that doodling on photos and magazine covers is gonna be my new life’s work. So without any delay, may I present a funny Barbie Sports Illustrated cover? I saw the hubbub over this cover last week, and we chatted about it […]

Funny Videos – Gong Show at Living Faith Church

Living Faith Church Gong Show - Hearts and Laserbeams

So yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and it’s quickly becoming a tradition that my mom in law Carole is my dinner date. The holiday was kind of sad last year, because Josh was still in California, but as y’all know he lives here in Georgia now, he was just working the evening shift. So it was […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!


From all of us at Hearts and Laserbeams to all of you, hope your Valentine’s Day is full of love and candy! Especially candy. Because, come on. Candy. You’ll also like: Valentines Day Cards from Hearts and Laserbeams! Free Printables: Cute Kids Valentines Edition! Happy 3rd Birthday, Phil! Happy Halloween from the Hearts and Laserbeams […]

Prom Dresses for Project Runway Types

Prom Dresses for Project Runway Lovers - Hearts and Laserbeams

This is a sponsored campaign with Mums the Word Network and JenJenHouse. All opinions are my own. I’ve been noticing the Lifetime channel’s quest to keep Project Runway viewers stocked up with a steady stream of fashion challenge tv shows over the past year or two. There’s been Project Accessory (snore), a few seasons of Project Runway […]