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What we write about

Our blog focuses on lifestyle and parenting, art and design, humor, and reviews of products and experiences. You won’t find any drama here – we keep posts funny and upbeat.

We understand that sponsored blog posts are a marketing tool – we’re here to work with you to build your brand online.

We write with a focus on SEO

What good is sponsoring a blog post if it’s not being seen? We do everything we can to get as many eyes as possible on your product or service. We focus on search engine optimization (SEO), and even wrote an e-book about how to increase blog traffic.

Our numbers are constantly on the rise

Let us share our social media reach with you through our blog sponsorship opportunities!

We’re pretty proud to report we have a Google Page Rank of 4! Hearts and Laserbeams is also among the top 1 million websites worldwide, with an Alexa ranking of 318,702 in the US.*  We currently welcome about 3,000 unique visitors to our site with about 5,000 page views each month. Our Klout score is 67, and we share news and noteworthy blog posts with over 1,200 mailing list subscribers. We reach over 3,000 Twitter followers, have over 2,900 Facebook friends, and over 2,500 Facebook fans as well. Did we mention we have almost 5,000 followers on Pinterest and almost 900 followers on Instagram?

Examples of past sponsored posts

Burke Williams Day Spa

Cirque Du Soleil

Martha Stewart Paints

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You can also click on our blog one sheet below for a printable pdf to learn more about our site stats and social media marketing reach.

Blog Media Kit - Hearts and Laserbeams

There’s lots of blogs out there offering sponsorship opportunities, and we’re so thankful you’ve considered Hearts and Laserbeams.

We’re excited to partner with you in giving an upbeat review of your products and upcoming events!

*(as of 5/14/14)

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