Book Features

We’ve been writing the Hearts and Laserbeams blog for 10 years now, and it’s started to pay off in the form of book features!

Book Features - Bumptabulous Funny Pregnancy Book

Bumptabulous: 20 Moms Expose Pregnancy

The Bumptabulous book feature gave me the chance to write funny essays based on five questions. I  covered everything from eating ice cream every day to the grossest part of my hospital experience. I wrote some pretty funny stuff if I do say so myself! This book is perfect for moms of all types – ones who gave birth years ago, ones who are giving birth soon, ones who are planning on having kids someday in the future.

How to increase blog traffic - Easy SEO for Bloggers

Easy SEO for Bloggers E-Book

Easy SEO for Bloggers is a 10 page e-book chock full of good information on how to increase blog traffic – you’ll receive a printable sheet on the steps I use to create an optimized, easy for search engines to find blog post, as well as detailed descriptions and screen shots on how to take these steps if you’ve never done them before.

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