Ask Us: Advice for College Students

Hearts and Laserbeams

We got a great inquiry about advice for college students in our email this week, and we thought it was great food for thought – enjoy! Q. I’m not sure if this form is here for advice but I’ll give it a shot anyways. I’m currently a student in college working on a double major […]

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Funny Memes to Celebrate Our New Site Maintenance Services!

Funny Memes to Celebrate our Maintenance Packages

This week marked the launch of our brand new site maintenance services, and I’m really excited to help people get their WordPress site backups in check! If you’re not doing any kind of maintenance on your site, I want you to seriously consider it. Sign up for one of our new maintenance packages by 7/31/14, […]

Celebrate Our New Look with an Amazon Giftcard Giveaway!

Hearts and Laserbeams - Why would you build your own site when it's the first thing a customer will see?

“The cobbler’s children have no shoes.” Our friends Bruce and Angie said that to me a while back when they were at our house, helping to fix our air conditioner. They were talking about helping their family with a bunch of home renovation projects, and not having the time to do those same projects to […]

SCAD Fashion Show 2014 Recap and Live Commentary Fail


Oh, snap, SCAD Fashion Show day!! I totally love fashion student work - students are still excited about being experimental, before they get out in the real world and have to start taking clients, customers, and sales into consideration. Student work is full of life and possibility, and I’m so glad SCAD webcasts their end of the […]

Funny Barbie Sports Illustrated Cover

Funny Barbie on Sports Illustrated cover - Hearts and Laserbeams

I just can’t help myself, guys. I was telling my friend Nicole this morning that doodling on photos and magazine covers is gonna be my new life’s work. So without any delay, may I present a funny Barbie Sports Illustrated cover? I saw the hubbub over this cover last week, and we chatted about it […]

Free Printables: Cute Kids Valentines Edition!

Free Printables - Kids Valentines from Hearts and Laserbeams

Ahhhh, Valentines day. I’m nowhere near prepared for you to get here next week, but at the very least I drew up some super cute artwork to pass out to everyone at the office! If you’re following my work at home story… You know everyone at my office is just me. And Josh and Phil, […]

I Will Never Grow Up – Funny Justin Bieber Mugshot

Funny Justin Bieber mugshot - Hearts and Laserbeams

When we were kids, there was something ridiculous my siblings and I always enjoyed doing together. That something was defacing photos we found in various places, whether it was the newspaper photo of a local event, a magazine cover featuring a smug looking actress that had the “I’m better than you” expression on her face, […]

No Way! Yes Way! – One of My Favorite Things in Watercolor Form

No Way - Yes Way - by Hearts and Laserbeams

One of my favorite things Phil and I say to each other happens when he’s very earnestly telling me a story. “No way!” I’ll say enthusiastically. “Yes way!” He’ll yell back. I’m pretty sure I didn’t really teach him that. I’m kind of enjoying the creative downtime I’ve been allowing myself in the office this […]

Employee of the Year Award – You’re a Winner!

Employee of the Year Award - Hearts and Laserbeams

Exciting news in the office today – Steph Calvert has been named employee of the year at Hearts and Laserbeams for 2014! Steph Calvert has been with Hearts and Laserbeams since the very beginning, and has won employee of the year every year since 2006. An enthusiastic and creative spirit, she brings hilarity to the […]

Free Coloring Pages – Breakfast Cereal, Milk and Spoon

Free Coloring Pages - Breakfast Cereal, Milk and Spoon Illustration by Hearts and Laserbeams

I’m a member of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network, and Honey Bunches of Oats compensated me for this post. All opinions and hilarity expressed in this post are my own. Enjoy! When I was plotting last week’s Smile While You Shake It party, I knew kids were going to be there. As I scribbled […]