Thanksgiving Coloring Page – What I’m Thankful For

Thanksgiving Coloring Page - What I'm Thankful For - Hearts and Laserbeams

I am a member of the Everywhere Society and they provided me with this product for review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. There’s so much to be thankful for this year, guys. So much. I mean, I thought I had things to be happy about a couple of years ago. Back then, […]

Our Take on the Kim Kardashian Butt Photo – Snack the Internet, Y’all!

Snack the Internet - Funny Kim Kardashian Butt Photo Parody - Hearts and Laserbeams

Groooooooan… If you haven’t heard about the Kim Kardashian butt photo yet, you’re lucky. It’s like… all over the internet. And I’m tired of seeing her butt in my facebook feed, guys. So while she’s trying to break the internet, that’s cool, whatevs. I’m gonna hang back and do what I do best. I’m gonna keep on […]

Always be Joyful – Bible Verses for Kids Free Coloring Sheets

Always be Joyful - Bible Verses for Kids Free Coloring Sheets by Hearts and Laserbeams

With Joy being so very attached to her muhmuh’s hip, it’s totally taken me out of commission in helping out at Living Faith Church in ways I used to before she was born. I used to spend some Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings in the nursery… which can’t really happen when there’s a baby on […]

Hearts and Laserbeams Press Release: W3 Web Design Award Winner

Hearts and Laserbeams - W3 Web Design Award Winner - Self Promotion Website

Click here to download a pdf of this press release Contact Steph Calvert (714) 655-5272 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 6, 2014 Hearts and Laserbeams Among W3 Web Design Award Winners Local Design Studio Gains Recognition in National Contest Savannah, GA, October 6, 2014– Local design studio Hearts and Laserbeams was named a Silver Winner […]

The Little Things Sometimes Don’t Go As Planned

Enjoy the Little Things - Hearts and Laserbeams

Another year of the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search has come and gone, and I’m happy to report I’m a loser. Don’t get me wrong – I would’ve loved, loved, LOVED to have made it to the next round, and eventually be picked to be the winner that receives 2 years of representation. It makes […]

Edgy Logo Design for Urban Missionary 912

Logo Design Project - Urban Missionary 912 by Hearts and Laserbeams

Urban Missionary 912 is an evangelical ministry that’s all about reaching out to people in Savannah, Georgia. They were looking for an edgy logo that was a little out of the box for a religious endeavor, which was a great challenge. I loved the layout concept Richard Burkhalter provided – the guy’s got a clear […]