Adventures in Baby Sleep Training – A Chronicled Adventure in ZZZs


Our newborn daughter, as cute as she is, has a major issue with sleeping at night… Which means we have a major issue with sleeping at night. So we’ve started down the path of baby sleep training in hopes we can all start getting a semi decent night of sleep sometime soon! (Preferably by the […]

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Baby Name Meanings: How We Chose Ours


Baby name meanings are so interesting – I love hearing how people came up with what to name their kids! I thought with the arrival of little girl Joy a couple of weeks ago, I’d share our own baby name meanings with you. I don’t think I wrote about that when Phil was born! One […]

Welcome Baby Girl Calvert!


Today we welcome baby girl Joy Newton Calvert to our family! Joy was born this morning at 7:50am, and clocked in at 7 lbs 2 oz and 21 inches long – just one ounce heavier than her brother Phil’s birth weight! It’s felt like such a long, emotional journey for Joy to join our family, […]

Will You Still Love me Tomorrow?

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow - Hearts and Laserbeams

We held off on telling Phil about his new baby sister (that gets here FRIDAY!) just as long as we held off on telling the rest of the world. Issues getting early stage pregnancies to progress in the past, not wanting to have to explain “well it’s not happening after all…” We just kept it […]

Funny Videos – Gong Show at Living Faith Church

Living Faith Church Gong Show - Hearts and Laserbeams

So yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and it’s quickly becoming a tradition that my mom in law Carole is my dinner date. The holiday was kind of sad last year, because Josh was still in California, but as y’all know he lives here in Georgia now, he was just working the evening shift. So it was […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!


From all of us at Hearts and Laserbeams to all of you, hope your Valentine’s Day is full of love and candy! Especially candy. Because, come on. Candy. You’ll also like: Valentines Day Cards from Hearts and Laserbeams! Free Printables: Cute Kids Valentines Edition! Happy 3rd Birthday, Phil! Happy Halloween from the Hearts and Laserbeams […]

Why the Hell Do I Even Care?

Why Do I Even Care sketch by Hearts and Laserbeams

I recently chatted with a colleague who casually mentioned he didn’t know he could use swear words around me. He paused, looking for the right words, and said knowing that I’m “a bit of a godfearing woman”, he didn’t know if that was okay. It made me feel like a huge dork. Which felt weird. […]

New Years Resolutions to Help Clean Up

Talk More, Text Less - New Years Resolutions to Help Clean Up by Hearts and Laserbeams

This New Year cleaning resolution tips post is brought to you by Mr. Clean as part of a Type-A Parent Community Sponsored Post. Here we are on New Years Eve, and it’s time to reflect on the year that’s heading out the door. What worked, what didn’t… What New Years resolutions to focus on for […]

A Christmas Carole: Beautiful Christmas Decorations from the Heart

A Christmas Carole - Beautiful Christmas Decorations from the Heart

Merry Christmas, everyone!! Hope you and yours are having a fabulous holiday today – we just wanted to take a little bit of time to share my mom in law’s completely fabulous Christmas decorations with you! If you’ve never met my mom in law Carole… she’s like Paula Deen and Martha Stewart rolled into one. […]

Merry Christmas from Everyone at Hearts and Laserbeams!

Merry Christmas from Hearts and Laserbeams

From all of us at Hearts and Laserbeams, here’s wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas! Phil had a little something extra he wanted to share with y’all today, so enjoy the very first Chirstmas carol he remembers any of the words to! And speaking of Christmas Caroles… I’m hoping to get over to […]