Always be Joyful – Bible Verses for Kids Free Coloring Sheets

Always be Joyful - Bible Verses for Kids Free Coloring Sheets by Hearts and Laserbeams

With Joy being so very attached to her muhmuh’s hip, it’s totally taken me out of commission in helping out at Living Faith Church in ways I used to before she was born. I used to spend some Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings in the nursery… which can’t really happen when there’s a baby on […]

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Free Printables: Cute Kids Valentines Edition!

Free Printables - Kids Valentines from Hearts and Laserbeams

Ahhhh, Valentines day. I’m nowhere near prepared for you to get here next week, but at the very least I drew up some super cute artwork to pass out to everyone at the office! If you’re following my work at home story… You know everyone at my office is just me. And Josh and Phil, […]

Employee of the Year Award – You’re a Winner!

Employee of the Year Award - Hearts and Laserbeams

Exciting news in the office today – Steph Calvert has been named employee of the year at Hearts and Laserbeams for 2014! Steph Calvert has been with Hearts and Laserbeams since the very beginning, and has won employee of the year every year since 2006. An enthusiastic and creative spirit, she brings hilarity to the […]

Free Coloring Pages – Breakfast Cereal, Milk and Spoon

Free Coloring Pages - Breakfast Cereal, Milk and Spoon Illustration by Hearts and Laserbeams

I’m a member of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network, and Honey Bunches of Oats compensated me for this post. All opinions and hilarity expressed in this post are my own. Enjoy! When I was plotting last week’s Smile While You Shake It party, I knew kids were going to be there. As I scribbled […]

Free Christmas Coloring Sheets – Rudolph and His Reindeer Friends

Free Christmas Coloring Sheets - Rudolph the Reindeer

It’s time for free Christmas coloring sheets, and I have some fun ones for your little ones! Let’s be honest. You’re bored at work. They’re for you. And that’s okay! Sing along with me if you remember this one… “You know Dasher, and Dancer, and Prancer, and Vicks Vapo Rub… Vomit and Poopin and Dahmer […]

Free Halloween Printable Coloring Book Pages: Pumpkins, Ghosts and Bats!

Free Halloween Printable Pumpkins and Jack o Lanterns from Hearts and Laserbeams

We have new free Halloween printable coloring book pages! Hooray! Since I did the ABC letters coloring book page, I’ve been totally into this free download thing. It’s just really fun to create doodles that I can pass on for your arts and crafts adventures. I got a special request from Natalie Chiles for some spooky […]

The ABC Letters: Free Hand Illustrated Alphabet Coloring Book Page

Inspired by my son Phil's lively rendition of the alphabet yesterday, I created this ABC letters printable coloring page for kids! Enjoy, and post your colored up version on our facebook page at!

I love when inspiration hits, and yesterday it was the ABC letters Phil was going to tell you all about before he got sidetracked! I went about my normal workday business after that – lots of web work for C Salt Gourmet‘s new website and Jay and Elizabeth’s custom wedding website . Some tweaks to logos […]

Free Printables: Sorting Garbage Recycle Bin Signs

Sorting Garbage: Cute Recycle Label

Recently, we’ve been introducing Josh’s mom Carole to sorting garbage. She’s with the times, I promise! We’ve had conversations in the past where the topic of trash came up, and she’d tell me how Las Cruces, New Mexico didn’t have a recycling program. And in a smaller city like that, it’s just not something that’s […]

Lego Birthday Party + Dancing = Lego Dance Party!

Lego Birthday Party - Boom Box Diagram

Sharon Garofalow of Cupcakes and Cutlery recently asked me to create some artwork for her son’s Lego Birthday Party. The party had a great twist to it, though. She took that basic Lego theme and combined it with dance party fun times to make a Lego Dance Party! Photo by Dez and Tam Photography Dez […]

Mission Small Business – We Need Your Help!

Mission: Small Business $250,000 Grant Competition

You may have seen us start posting about the Mission Small Business grant competition yesterday on Facebook. We really need your help to get votes in Mission Small Business. If Hearts and Laserbeams was chosen to receive a $250,000 grant from Mission: Small Business, we could do so much. We could create jobs and stellar […]

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