Our baby chicks are FIRED.


I was going to put this up as a short little post on Instagram or Facebook, but the story is way too long to give it justice. Our baby chicks are SO fired. SO FIRED. We get home from church this afternoon and Josh gets ready to run out the door to work as he […]

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What we’re growing


Farmy orchard success, clockwise from top left: lemons, orange, lime, birthday tangerine tree from my brother in law Chris and his new wife Cari! We were a little bummed that our peach trees didn’t fare better, but we’ll try again in a drier area of our land. You’ll also like: The Evolution of a Blogger […]

Chickens Hittin’ the Hay

The first time our new chickens went outside of the coop, they all went over to this big pine tree. At the end of the day when it was time for them to get back in the coop, it took Jenn and I 45 minutes to collect all these cluckers! I told myself I was […]

Mission Small Business – We Need Your Help!

Mission: Small Business $250,000 Grant Competition

You may have seen us start posting about the Mission Small Business grant competition yesterday on Facebook. We really need your help to get votes in Mission Small Business. If Hearts and Laserbeams was chosen to receive a $250,000 grant from Mission: Small Business, we could do so much. We could create jobs and stellar […]

Dishin’ Up the Dirt. The Garden Dirt.

Dishin' Up the Dirt

Work has been blissfully, butt-kickingly, busy, and the weekends have been the same! We’re in full-tilt get ready for spring planting mode in the garden. We recently had to buy dirt online, and if all goes well we’ll be putting seedlings in the ground this weekend! You’ll note from the pictures, Phil spent pretty much […]

Wild America in Our Own Backyard

Hawk on the wall in our backyard

Recently, I went out to the backyard for something and was greeted with an unexpected visitor just hanging out on our lawn. The second I came out the door he booked it, making haste for the wall. But instead of hopping it and running off, he just hung out. Watching me. But more importantly, watching […]

We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat…

Set Sail on the Zucchini Boat by Hearts and Laserbeams

If you’ve kept up with us on Twitter, you know we had a massive gardening day last week. It left us with tons of fresh produce strewn across the table on our back porch, and a day full of food preservation. We froze food, we dehydrated, we canned. And we were STILL left with three […]

Cha Cha Boochee, Roll Call!

Tomatoes, Lettuce, Garlic, and Artichoke

We are so jazzed about our garden this year!!! No lie, we may have gone a little crazy. It’s nice having a landlord that doesn’t really care what’s in our planters so long as it looks nice and the place is taken care of, because we may have cleared out massive chunks of planting spaces […]

Flowers in the Grass


A little color inspiration for a Friday evening… You’ll also like: Etsy Craft Party in the works! You should come!

Seedlings Goin' Crazy!

Check it out, our seedlings are doing awesome! Hoping we’ll actually get pumpkins this year, and not just a huge viney plant with no fruit! You’ll also like: Seedlings Goin’ Crazy! Backyard Garden Bounty! Holy Shit We're Married! working like crazy…