Cool Bedroom Ideas for the Guest Bedroom

Cool bedroom ideas for the guest bedroom - Hearts and Laserbeams

Thanksgiving’s come and gone, we’ve turned the calendar to December… it’s officially Christmas season! We’ve got some cool bedroom ideas to help welcome your guests today – little touches here and there for your guest bedroom to really help visitors feel like they’re at home. I have to tell you, a really good blanket is […]

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Party Theme Ideas – Gold Room Decor for the Holidays

Party Theme Ideas - Gold Room Decor for the Holidays

I love a good theme party, guys. In my 20s, my sister and I threw a Martha Stewart party when we watched the made for TV movie about her life. When the state of California had a recall election and everyone including the kitchen sink was running for governor, we threw a theme party where […]

Our Episode of the Raising House Reality Show Airs Tonight!

Our Reality Show Episode - Raising House on DIY Network - Hearts and Laserbeams

It almost feels like this was such a long time ago… but my family – specifically my mom in law Carole – was filmed for an episode of a reality show. Two years ago, when we moved to Guyton, Georgia from Long Beach, California, and Carole moved from Las Cruces, New Mexico, we all shared […]

DIY Home Decor – Easy Halloween Decorations

Halloween Crafts - Hand Drawn Pumpkins - Hearts and Laserbeams

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you’ve been having a spooky and spectacular haunted holiday! I just wanted to let you know I learned from last year’s round of Halloween fails. This year, I took a new tack on DIY home decor with some super easy Halloween decorations I couldn’t mess up if I tried. Last year, […]

How to Clean Tools and Wheels – Banish Grease Monkeys and Win!

Banish Greasemonkeys - How to Clean Tools and Wheels with Dawn Dish Beyond the Sink - Hearts and Laserbeams

This review was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Dawn Dish Beyond the Sink. I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine. Y’all know I’ve been learning more about how to clean the house with less toxic supplies lately. When I learned how to […]

The Surprising Cheap Ingredients for a Clean Shower


Anyone with more than one kid will tell you… That second kid totally wreaks havoc on any and all routines you had in place before she got there. I’ll be honest. My house used to be lots cleaner. I’m still keeping us in clean underwear and breakfast dishes, but I’m lucky if I have a […]

New Years Resolutions to Help Clean Up

Talk More, Text Less - New Years Resolutions to Help Clean Up by Hearts and Laserbeams

This New Year cleaning resolution tips post is brought to you by Mr. Clean as part of a Type-A Parent Community Sponsored Post. Here we are on New Years Eve, and it’s time to reflect on the year that’s heading out the door. What worked, what didn’t… What New Years resolutions to focus on for […]

A Christmas Carole: Beautiful Christmas Decorations

A Christmas Carole - Beautiful Christmas Decorations from the Heart

Merry Christmas, everyone!! Hope you and yours are having a fabulous holiday today – we just wanted to take a little bit of time to share my mom in law’s completely fabulous Christmas decorations with you! If you’ve never met my mom in law Carole… she’s like Paula Deen and Martha Stewart rolled into one. […]

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