Baby Name Meanings: How We Chose Ours


Baby name meanings are so interesting – I love hearing how people came up with what to name their kids! I thought with the arrival of little girl Joy a couple of weeks ago, I’d share our own baby name meanings with you. I don’t think I wrote about that when Phil was born! One […]

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Taking a Selfie via Google Hangouts. It’s as Ridiculous as it Sounds.

Taking a Selfie via Google Hangouts

If you ever wanted to know if I’m a total dork… the answer is yes. I can’t be the only one who finds this hilarous – make your own selfie video and share it in the comments! You’ll also like: Google Analytics: How Y’all Got Here Side Effects May Include Ridiculous Crying hearts and laserbeams […]

3 Tips for Easy Cleaning

3 Tips for Easy Cleaning - Hearts and Laserbeams

Today’s guest post comes from Madoline Hatter, who’s got some great tips for easy cleaning. Enjoy! (Wanna get in on the guest blogging game? Check out our guest blog posts guidelines and submit something already!) When you are running ragged with a thousand things to do the last thing you want to do is clean house. However, […]

Grab Some Advertising Before We Head to Type-A!


As we get ready to head to #typeacon (Type A blog conference) in Hotlanta this week, don’t forget to pick up an ad spot at! New connections made = new eyes on the site = new eyes on YOU! Check out the ads/sponsors page  for rates and sizes – we’ve got something for every […]

Law and Order: Special Letters Unit


AHAHAHAHA Sesame Street, you never disappoint when Phil has a sick day and we spend it on the couch watching tv. This is a scene from “Law and Order: Special Letters Unit”. Can I get a doink doink? What’s the best skit you’ve ever seen on Sesame Street? You’ll also like: The ABC Letters: Phil […]