DIY Watercolor Paints


Huge thanks to Robert Mahar for introducing me to the idea of homemade watercolor paints… Like… Months ago. I saw him post a tutorial on Instagram ages ago, and I was like WHAAAAAT! I never got a chance to try it, and then I kind of forgot about it. This week, I’m working on a […]

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Adventures in Baby Sleep Training – A Chronicled Adventure in ZZZs


Our newborn daughter, as cute as she is, has a major issue with sleeping at night… Which means we have a major issue with sleeping at night. So we’ve started down the path of baby sleep training in hopes we can all start getting a semi decent night of sleep sometime soon! (Preferably by the […]

Quick Christmas Ornament Craft – Snowflake Globe

Quick Christmas Ornament Craft - Hearts and Laserbeams

Phil really wants me to be off of work right now – so my goal is to describe this super quick Christmas ornament craft in less than 10 minutes! Last weekend was the Christmas party for the women’s group at church. Part of the fun, along with taking the bus to Statesboro for lunch at […]

3 Tips for Easy Cleaning

3 Tips for Easy Cleaning - Hearts and Laserbeams

Today’s guest post comes from Madoline Hatter, who’s got some great tips for easy cleaning. Enjoy! (Wanna get in on the guest blogging game? Check out our guest blog posts guidelines and submit something already!) When you are running ragged with a thousand things to do the last thing you want to do is clean house. However, […]

Likes on Instagram: How to Get More Fast & Easy

Have a Grate Day - How to Get More Likes on Instagram

Every now and then, I discover something in social media like how to get more likes on Instagram… and I don’t just figure it out, but this little light bulb goes off over my head and my brain goes “OHHHHHHHHHHHH”, and I wonder why I haven’t been doing it this way all along. Ready to […]

Ask the Experts: What Graphics Tablet to Buy?

Ask the Experts - What Graphics Tablet to Buy?

We got an interesting ask the experts style question about graphics tablets from photographer Natalie Chiles this week. If you’ve been considering a drawing tablet for your workstation, read on for my answer! Let’s Ask the Experts: Hey there-Do you use a graphics tablet and pen for editing/creating on your computer? I have found myself […]

Tips for Ergonomic Workstation Setup

Tips for Ergonomic Workstation Setup from Hearts and Laserbeams

Having been on a computer all day every day since about 1996, I’ve picked up a few tips for ergonomic workstation setup! Ergonomics has to deal with designing to fit the human body in the best possible way. If your work space isn’t a good fit for your own personal ergonomics, you can start to […]