Cute Fanny Packs? Yup. Totally Cute Fanny Packs.

With thoughts of upcoming travel swirling around my head, I’ve somehow been reminded of the fanny pack. The perfect hands-free accessory for running around in a strange city, yet somehow it’s been cast aside as the red-headed stepchild of the handbag world, destined to never be thought of as cute.


These days they may hide demurely behind the less teased “hip pack” name, but fanny packs are still around; some of them are actually not bad. I did find a bright teal one that screams “I REFUSE TO CHANGE!” But others, like a small purse that converts to a fanny pack when you remove the strap, weren’t only not awful, were options I might actually consider buying.

Feast your eyes on these legitimately cute fanny packs!

1. Dakine – Womens Hip Pack, $20 2.Venture Hands-Free Hip Bag, $12 3. Billabong – Money Maker Hip Pack, $24 4.Loungefly Hello Kitty Face Fanny Pack, $20 5. Fantasybag 3-Zipper Fanny Pack, $4.99 6.Winn Leather Fanny Pack, $33 7. Billabong – Hip Shaker Hip Pack, $24 8. Mini Flat Leather Fanny Pack, $9.95 9. Sequin Fanny Pack, $19.95

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  1. says

    I so do not need anything that draws attention to my muffin top or my big rear. But, with that said, these are adorable. I love the Hello Kitty one!

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