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Big big news today – we now offer mobile phone site setup with our web design services! Check our site out on your phone; you should save it on your mobile device’s desktop so you always have our list of services, work samples, blog and contact info right there at your fingertips!

To celebrate that and the fact that it’s Friday, let’s look at some rad funny pictures I’ve drawn on the Draw Something app for your amusement!

As a graphic designer slash illustrator, when I started playing Draw Something I was pretty frustrated with how awful my drawings would turn out. And then, like any good art nerd, I obsessively started working on my technique.

I think I’m on to something here, folks.

draw something pegasus by hearts and laserbeams

I’m not sure why my pegasus needed an uzi, he just did, okay?

When I first started playing the game, I was mostly using the tiniest brush. You can’t do a whole lot with it, unless you get really scribbly. I got really frustrated with not being able to draw anything that looked anywhere near what I can do when I’m on paper or even working with my trusty Wacom tablet. I wanted to throw my phone out the window yelling “I’m a graphic designer, people! It’s what I do for a living! Why are my drawings looking like crap!”

draw something neptune by hearts and laserbeams

But then… then I started messing around with fatter brush sizes. And that’s where things started to get interesting.

draw something plumber by hearts and laserbeams

And then I started messing with sketchy little brushes AND big fat brushes, and things started getting even better.

I started realizing there’s a way to do this that makes things look awesome.

You might even say DRAWSOME.

Can we talk for a minute about how the more I see that word after each turn, the more annoyed I’m getting with it? I wish there was a way to skip the animated pencil scribbling crap.

But let’s get back to business!!!

draw something koala by hearts and laserbeams

The trick to really great funny pictures is to start in the way background and work your way forward. Check out the above koala – I drew the tree trunk and branches first, leaf next, koala body fill next, details last.

draw something Roadkill by hearts and laserbeams

Trust me. You can get hilariously detailed using this method. (Also, by the way, I’m Garfield and I hate Mondays.)

draw something canning jar by hearts and laserbeams

I do really like keeping things simple for certain words – sometimes you just like to get the point across nice and fast, ya know?

draw something pear by hearts and laserbeams

draw something finger by hearts and laserbeams

Sometimes you just need something good and iconic to get your word guessed ASAP! And also tell your sister how much you love her.

draw something fart by hearts and laserbeams

That’s a fancy one I sent to Josh’s aunt Marylee. We’re very classy in this family.

draw something new york

Thanks Milton Glaser! I had no idea how to tackle the New York word without you.

draw something rosebud by hearts and laserbeams

I play Draw Something like I play Pictionary – sometimes you gotta get a little out there with a movie reference to get your word across. Of course if this was Pictionary, I’d be disqualified for writing words. Right? Can you write words in Pictionary? I don’t think you can. Someone remind me, here.

draw something sun by hearts and laserbeams

This one isn’t anything too special but I love it because it’s simple and happy.

Another hot tip? Use your homonyms!! I had no idea how to draw Eminem but I wanted 3 coins so I took it, and drew an M&M, thinking once my opponent saw his letters he’d figure it out.

Not so much. Big ol’ PIDIOT, guys.

Kind of insulted over here, cuz that’s a right nice M&M! But I built a bridge and got over it. Moving on!

Draw Something pork by hearts and laserbeams

This might be the cutest of all the funny pig pictures I’ve ever drawn. Not that I draw a lot of funny pig pictures. But in the grand scheme of things, call this one Boss Hog.

draw something toaster by hearts and laserbeams

Something else I’ve been working on! When you use the big fat brushes in the background, you can use big fat brushes in a darker color for details, and then use a fat brush in the background color to paint over and refine the shape of that shadow. So not everything is big fat circley lines. You can see some strokes go fat to thin, and it’s totally an illusion! I’m just painting over the shadow a little!

No seriously. I’m a total drawing dork. I know this.

draw something skyline by hearts and laserbeams

Here’s a little skyline I did a few days ago. Can I tell you one other thing that annoys me about Draw Something? I have the paid version because it was only a buck, and I’m still always running into words I’ve drawn before.

I mean, I get that I play this game a lot. Enough to have started working out my drawing style in it.

But more words please!

draw something america by hearts and laserbeams

Every now and then a word comes up that has a special meaning. A word like America. That never fails to make me sing the Vandals’ “America, Eff Yeah” from the Team America World Police soundtrack. Now you’re in on the joke, and my use of profanity is more excusable. Right?

I hope so!

draw something titanic by hearts and laserbeams

I know lots of words in this game are sponsored by people, movies, companies. They HAVE to be. I hope the Titanic movie people like this one.

draw something baby by hearts and laserbeams

I like drawing crying babies. I don’t know why, but it’s REALLY funny to me. Thankfully, Phil almost never looks like this.

draw something antlers by hearts and laserbeams

Another fun thing I like to do in Draw Something is to not add the actual word I’m drawing until the very very end. My sister had a couple of guesses on this until I actually drew the antlers and she got the word. I spent FOREVER refining the deer’s head/neck/body shape.

draw something eye patch by hearts and laserbeams

Same thing with the eye patch – I spent lots of time on everything else, and then threw that on at the end for comedy. Hooray!

draw something headset by hearts and laserbeams

I also drew this entire airport scene, leaving out the headset until the very end. OH THE SUSPENSE!

draw something rhino by hearts and laserbeams

Nothing crazy here, just a cute purple rhino looking to make your acquaintance.

draw something duck by hearts and laserbeams

But this one? He’s a little surly.

draw something eskimo by hearts and laserbeams

I use lots of arrows in Draw Something.

draw something goalpost by hearts and laserbeams

See? Arrows.

draw something salt by hearts and laserbeams

Here’s a fancy still life. Next I’m takin on nudes!

draw something pie by hearts and laserbeams

And I really like how the shading on this one came out. It’s pretty amazing. I can say that without being conceited, right?  Because it’s totally true? (I’m totally talking like Romy and Michelle right now.)

draw something drapes by hearts and laserbeams

Check out them drapes!!! Stellar!

darn good drawing compliments of ibtrav illustrations

See, even my buddy IBTrav thinks so!

draw something tequila by hearts and laserbeams

And that’s it guys. Happy Friday! It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, have a drink on me. But make someone else pay for it, please.

What’s that, you say? You were promised funny videos along with funny pictures? Oh snaps, I can deliver on that! Check out this one featuring action figures in therapy:

And that’s really it, guys. This has been the most epic blog post I’ve written in a while! Hope you enjoyed it, and if you’re checking this out on your phone, let me know your thoughts on the new mobile version of the site!

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Steph Calvert is the owner, award-winning designer, and illustrator behind Hearts and Laserbeams. Her work has been seen worldwide on apparel, in print, and online. Steph has been self employed since 2010, working with small business to take their design and illustration to the next level. She speaks at conferences on small business topics, loves Peanut M&Ms , and is working on a childrens book about dreams. Read More.
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    This is why I can’t play this game- I will become WAY too involved, lol. I would get all serious about it, and start neglecting my kids. It’s happened before with less, so, yeah. But awesome drawings!!

  2. says

    Awwwwww thanks guys!!! One of these days when I get a good word, I’m gonna do a step by step in-progress post so you can see how I do these from start to finish. It’s pretty awesome and easy now that I’ve got the hang of it!

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