Free Halloween Printable Coloring Book Pages: Pumpkins, Ghosts and Bats!

We have new free Halloween printable coloring book pages! Hooray!

Since I did the ABC letters coloring book page, I’ve been totally into this free download thing. It’s just really fun to create doodles that I can pass on for your arts and crafts adventures.

I got a special request from Natalie Chiles for some spooky printables last week. She had recently written a blog post about a cute way to reuse plastic milk jugs. She wrote, “I was thinking it would be fun to do a Halloween-themed version!”

Coloring book pages are super fun and easy to do, so of course I was in. I plopped down in front of the tv that night with my paper and drawing pens, and got to work. Here’s the fun Halloween themed art I came up with:

Free Halloween Printable Pumpkins, Ghosts, and Bats!

Click the images for letter-sized high resolution pdfs that you can resize to fit your needs without losing quality.

Free Halloween Printable Pumpkins and Jack o Lanterns from Hearts and Laserbeams

Free Halloween Printable Jack o Lanterns

Free Halloween Printable Fancy Bats by Hearts and Laserbeams

Free Halloween printable fancy bats

Free Halloween Printable Trick or Treat Ghosts by Hearts and Laserbeams

Free Halloween printable Trick or Treat ghosts

Share your Halloween crafting and creations!

Free Halloween Printable by Hearts and Laserbeams - Milk Jug Craft by Natalie Chiles

Click on over to Natalie Chiles‘ website to see the super cute window decorations she made using these and some empty milk jugs! The great thing about these printables is they’re high resolution vector pdfs. Translation for all that technical mumbo jumbo I just spouted? You can resize these to fit whatever needs you have and they won’t lose quality. You could print em out 5 feet high and they’d look just as crisp and clear as they do on letter-sized paper.

These coloring book pages would be great for printing on T-shirt transfer paper for a fun fall top, or you could trace them onto embroidery fabric and stitch them up as a hostess gift for an upcoming Halloween party.

If you make something with our free Halloween printables, please share! Give us a link to your project in the comments below, or post a pic on our Facebook page!

Please note: Hearts and Laserbeams holds the copyright to this art. Artwork is for personal use only. You may not use these designs on products you sell. Thanks!

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