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You remember my show and tell for the Le Modern Trinket website I built for Christina Sanchez? What about our facebook landing page project for Christina Sanchez Hair Design? She’s liked working together so much, she asked Hearts and Laserbeams to work on a new logo design for Christina Sanchez Hair Design. We pulled together a ton of graphic design reference and talked about what she liked and what she didn’t from the gobs of samples provided. And when she spotted a direction she liked in a logo design on tv, we pulled that into the mix as well, coming up with a new logo design that pulls together her love of the Bauhaus font, simplicity, and hair:

Christina Sanchez Hair Design logo by Hearts and Laserbeams

My favorite part of logo design work is the finessing of the final design. I could spend hours tweaking the spacing between icons and shapes, the kerning between letters, the way everything sits together, until everythign is juuuuust right. Even when a design is done, I could still spend more time on it. I just love those tiny details, like the way the H gets just a tiny bit cut by the scissors handle. I’m kind of a nerd that way.

Once the new logo design was all finished, it was time to incorporate it into her existing custom Facebook landing page! We worked the new logo into the existing graphic design, moving some things around and updating the social media links to include Christina’s Pinterest inspirations.

Christina Sanchez Hair Design Facebook landing page

Also important to note, Christina Sanchez is really great at cutting hair! I’m getting ready to make my next appointment riiiiiiight now, and you should, too! You can find Christina Sanchez at the Gods & Heros salon in Costa Mesa.

I always have a habit of waiting until I hate my hair between cuts – it’s currently been 2 months and my bangs are way too long, and they’re making me crazy! How long has it been since your last haircut?

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Steph Calvert is the owner, award-winning designer, and illustrator behind Hearts and Laserbeams. Her work has been seen worldwide on apparel, in print, and online. Steph has been self employed since 2010, working with small business to take their design and illustration to the next level. She speaks at conferences on small business topics, loves Peanut M&Ms , and is working on a childrens book about dreams. Read More.
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