Weird Grocery Store Finds of the Week

You can find a lot of funny, weird things at the grocery store if you’re really paying attention. Most of the time, I blast through the store as fast as possible just to get it done. But last weekend, Josh was off and had Phil at home, so I took a leisurely stroll through the store sipping coffee and really taking in the oddities. Here’s a couple of funny pictures of things that turned up on my trip to Albertson’s – enjoy!


Baby – Secret of the Lost Legend DVD – I can’t completely remember what this movie was about, but I know we watched it tons when we were kids, and it’s about some people that find a dinosaur. I just liked that they obviously designed the cover art so you’d think to yourself “I love Jurrearic Park! I’m getting this video!” And it was cheap – like $5.99 cheap! That’s pretty much a bargain, since the cheapest you’ll pay for the DVD on Amazon is like 50 bucks for a new one. Get it while you can, I guess! It’s Jurrearic Parky!


Piggy Silicone Spatula – Because the name Piggly Wiggly was already taken, is what I told Jenn in a text message that went with this photo. “You don’t wanna mess with The Pig’s legal team,” she wrote back. Turns out they have a whole line of weird pig kitchen accessories!


Passover Bag of Plagues – I have never, ever heard of giving someone a funny bag of plagues for Passover… but looks like that’s a thing. Is it a new thing? Have you ever done this?


Looks like they have everything covered… here’s a picture of the back. Someone please tell me the lice plague in the bag isn’t real lice. Or maybe it is. I’m on the fence about whether that’s awesome or awful. Thoughts?

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  1. says

    Bag of Plagues! Omg that is too funny. I have to get that for my mom. I love finding things in stores. Last night my son and husband insisted we go to this new Japanese Market. Ok. $75 worth of snacks later, I’m never agreeing to go with them again!

  2. Auntie Spike says

    Somehow I find it very rerearuring to know that one can just buy a bag of plagues and not have to wait for Egypt to screw things up again.

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