jail paris and other tidbits

so after talkin it over with the boy, it has been decided that since i’m wantin’ to focus more on gettin my artstuffs out there and make some money at it here and there, that i’d move the shop to be the first thing that pops up when you go to heartsandlaserbeams.com instead of the bloggy blog…

and there’s new stuff in the shop again! tonight’s selections include new and improved crocheted cupcakes – new and improved because i actually know how to crochet now so they all turn out really good instead of kinda okay!

but possibly more fun than the crocheted cupcakes is the jail/free paris tees. i wasn’t gonna do anything paris related because that means having to actually spend time on something like that, but after 3 different people mentioned that i should do it in the span of 24 hours i figure what the hey. to make it fun, i’ll keep a running tally on the paris shirt pages so you know who’s voting for what. we’ll probably present the results in a well-worded report to the governor or something like that to aid in his decision to pardon or not pardon the classy young hotel heiress, so you know this whole thing is totally worthwhile.

AND! i painted our guest bathroom kelly green this weekend and i love it. pics to come as soon as i’m done touching it up and rehanging johnny castle in his proper place above the throne.

ALSO! 21 and over shows stink – i was planning on going to see my friend kyle’s band bodies of water with my sister danielle and our friend lauren tonight, but found out just hours beforehand that it was 21 and up which stinks on so many levels and left me feeling like an rear for not checking that before i asked em to go.

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