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Buy the Crave Orange County (OC)/Crave Los Angeles (LA) Book Onl
Buy the Crave Orange County (OC)/Crave Los Angeles (LA) Book Onl
Crave Orange County &
Crave Los Angeles:

The Urban Girl’s Manifesto
The ultimate guide to women-owned businesses in Orange County and Los Angelespaperback, 320 pages
Price: $19.95$9.95

Crave Orange County and Crave Los Angeles have teamed up for the latest guidebook of regional women entreprenuers. This unique flip style book features women-owned businesses in the OC on one side. Flip it over, and you’ve got a whole new directory of women entreprenuers working in Los Angeles!Hearts and Laserbeams had the distinct pleaseure of being featured on page 76 of the Crave Orange County book.

I’m happy to sign your copy – just leave a note in the special instructions!

Buy the Crave Orange County (OC)/Crave Los Angeles (LA) Book OnlBuy the Crave Orange County (OC)/Crave Los Angeles (LA) Book Onl

Praise for Crave Orange County:

“The purpose of Crave is to create awareness of resourceful female entrepreneurs. The women of Crave have an inherent ability to create order out of chaos and inspire others to do the same and pursue their dreams.”
Tamera Richard
Tamera Event Design

“Crave represents the whole woman… and all that she craves – love, life, learning and connection. And just as great branding captures who we truly are and where we’re going, Crave does that as well in the most beautiful way. Crave connects and honors the creativity, uniqueness and brilliance of every entrepreneur featured.”
Michelle Ghilotti
MGI – Michelle Ghilotti Int’l

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Price: $19.95$9.95
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