Easy SEO for Bloggers E-book

How to Increase Blog Traffic – Easy SEO for Bloggers EBook – Hearts and Laserbeams
How to Increase Blog Traffic - Easy SEO for Bloggers EBook - Hearts and Laserbeams
Wondering how to increase blog traffic? We spell it out for you!
PDF e-book, 14 pages
Updated for 2014
Price: $1.99

Easy SEO for Bloggers is a 14 page e-book chock full of good information on how to increase blog traffic – you’ll get detailed descriptions on the steps I use to create an optimized, easy for search engines to find, blog post. This e-book is also chock full of screen shots on how to take these steps if you’ve never done them before.

To top it off, there’s a cute printable sheet reminding you of these steps for you to post by your computer.

What’s new for the 2014 edition? We’ve updated the keyword research section to reflect Google’s new Keyword Planner tool, and added more tips sprinkled throughout the book. Don’t miss our section on promoting your posts via social media on page 13!

I am so excited to have written Easy SEO for Bloggers, and I hope it’s as helpful to you as it was to me.Let me show you how to increase your blog traffic! When I started working on learning these steps, it was the spring of 2012. I was getting about 1,000 page views a month, and my Alexa score was in the high 5 millions.I’ve been picking up more and more knowlege about SEO, and it shows. I’m currently clocking in at about 3,463 unique visitors a month with about 5,365 page views. My Alexa score is now in the 700,000s worldwide, with a score of 166,000ish in the US (as of 7/5/2014).

Paying attention to SEO as you’re writing makes posts take longer to create for sure, but the point is it works. I’ve been blogging for well over ten years, and while I was having lots of fun in the beginning, these days it’s gratifying to know readers are actually finding my work. The extra time spent taking a few more steps is really worth it!

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Price: $1.99
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