The ABC Letters: Free Hand Illustrated Alphabet Coloring Book Page

I love when inspiration hits, and yesterday it was the ABC letters Phil was going to tell you all about before he got sidetracked!

I went about my normal workday business after that – lots of web work for C Salt Gourmet‘s new website and Jay and Elizabeth’s custom wedding website . Some tweaks to logos and branding for a couple of other clients, and some work on that Honey Badger project I keep telling you about.

As the day went on, I got an inkling in the back of my mind for a new free printable featuring the alphabet.

It just wouldn’t leave my mind – those ABC letters were just kind of dancing around in my head all day!

Fast forward to midnight last night, where I kind of sort of had to get my drawing markers out before bed to illustrate em. Coloring book pages + hand drawn typography = a solid win every time! And this one’s even educational!

Hashtag? #motherOfTheYear !

The ABC Letters Free Printable Coloring Book Sheet

Inspired by my son Phil's lively rendition of the alphabet yesterday, I created this ABC letters printable coloring page for kids! Enjoy, and post your colored up version on our facebook page at!
Click the image for your letter-sized printable coloring book sheet!

One of my favorite things about illustrating stuff like this is that lots of the time it’s client work on company time. And most of that time, Phil’s hanging out with me while I work. When I do ink work like this, he gets really happy when I make a photocopy of the art for him so he can color it. It’s like our own little version of an artist collaboration!

Print this free coloring book page, have your kids color it, sing the ABCs together. If you’re bored at work, color it up in Photoshop or MS Paint! Have some crafty fun by printing it on cardstock and adding paint, glitter and stickers! Don’t forget to snap a pic of it with your phone to post on our Facebook page – I can’t wait to see what y’all do with it!

Please note: Hearts and Laserbeams holds the copyright to this art. Artwork is for personal use only. You may not use these designs on products you sell. Thanks!

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