we feel fine book giveaway!

ok real quick cuz i gots to go make dinner -

the folks at we feel fine were kind enough to bestow on me a second free copy of the “we feel fine: an almanac of human emotion” book so that i might do a giveaway for all the rest of y’alls – and giveaway time is here! my second copy came in the mail today. whut whut!!!

SO! here’s the rules:

1) i got in the book after the folks at we feel fine found a lovely blog post i had written featuring my middle finger. so to enter the contest, leave a comment here telling us something middle-finger related. it could be about the time you accidentally flipped off your aunt mildred, it could be about the time you did it on purpose. but in celebration of my middle finger picture, your comment MUST share something about middle fingers! maybe you know of a cool piece of middle finger art on the internets? share it and automatically be entered to win!

2) comment as many times as you wish, but one entry per person will be counted.

3) contest closes at midnight on sunday, december 13, at which point i’ll use the website random.org to pick the winner!

the winner gets a free hardbound copy of “we feel fine: an almanac of human emotion“, and if you like i’ll autograph my middle finger on page 82 for ya!

get commenting people, i can’t wait to read your middle finger stories!

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  1. Shari says

    I have a good one. I was a sweet innocent girl in 4th grade and this mean boy said something to me so I flipped him off. Well, I didn't see the teacher that saw me flip him the middle finger but she saw me. However because I was so innocent I told her I pointed at him and I would NEVER do THAT. And I didn't get in trouble, but HE did for saying something mean to innocent me :D

  2. Momma Goddess Treasures says

    Hmmm, I used to get my nails done during my lunch hour and one day when I returned my boss asked me what was so special about the lady I went to, so I showed him my middle finger (it had a flower on it)! You should have seen his face!! He never asked me stupid questions again!

  3. Aquarian Bath says

    I have pictures of my daughter when she was four *accidentally* giving the finger in group family photos. Who knows. LOL.

  4. Brian says

    Actually, I have a good flip off story. When I used to bartend, I became popular for my "Flaming Flip Off". Whenever I received a crappy-rear tip, I would pour a bit of highly flammable booze like Bacardi 151 or Sambuca right on the bar. I would then light the booze on fire, stick my exposed middle finger into the fire and booze and point it at the offending customer. Sometimes I would still pour the booze on my middle finger and then strike my lighter and "flame on".

    Of course the bad part of this was the "flaming flipoff" became popular and my tips started to take a dive because people wanted to see me flip them off with a fiery middle finger.

    If I win, I promise to send a photo of me giving you the flaming flip off. (with love of course)

  5. steph says

    i'm happy to report that random.org picked entry number 4, which was brian! i'll be in touch with details about your prize, thanks to everyone else for participating!

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