Blog Roll

Welcome to our blog roll! These are just a few of the blogs we highly recommend for both fun times and informative reading!

Kampen Lane
Taylor-Ann Bergeron {Ms. Kampen Lane} is a Southern California girl who married a Pennsylvania guy and together they have two amazing toe-head boys. She is a blogger, a glue gun extraordinaire, and a student getting her bachelor’s in Small Business at The University of Phoenix. After leaving the US NAVY, she joined the work force of high heels and suits. After having her second little guy she went into early retirement from her career to stay at home with her boys. Today you will find her keeping-it-real on her blog, Kampen Lane, as she writes about life as a momma and crafting during naptimes. She is best known for writing like she talks, hair not done most days but always puts on make up in the morning even though she stays at home all day, lover of flip flops, and eats a bowl of ice cream almost every night with sprinkles on top.

Lauren talks about surfing and fitness and she pretty much rocks the house. Except I just checked that link and it’s going to a 404 error. I’m going to get in touch with her about fixing that. She is also super tall.

Paul’s Tax Blog
Mr. Paul Scholz has been our tax guy for years, and he really knows his stuff. If you pay taxes, and all of you do, you should be reading his tax blog.

Red Wine Salt Water
Melissa posts about fabulous food and living in Santa Barbara. She’s Lauren’s sister, and is also super tall.

The Trend Tribe
You want to do something cool? The chances are, The Trend Tribe’s already done it. Fashion, food, events, this is definitely a trend blog to check out.

Wendy Nielsen
Lifestyle blogger, breast cancer survivor, mom. I like Wendy because she has gone through hell and back with cancer and keeps the sunny attitude going.

More links to come! Want to be added to the blog roll? Contact us to submit your site for consideration.

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